Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ortopad patches made of?

Ortopad® Bamboo patches are made of a soft, natural bamboo material which allows the skin to breathe naturally and minimizes eyelid perspiration. With the bamboo plant growing up to 3 ft per day, bamboo is an eco-friendly material. The adhesive is hypo-allergenic and latex-free, so skin irritation and allergic reactions are rare. The Ortopad patch is free from rubber, resins and gluten. Ortopad® patches have a special shape with nasal slits cut into the patch for a better fit close to the nose, allowing the patch to fit well under eye glasses. The opaque black inlay assures maximum shielding from light.

What size will fit my child best?

The Junior size is recommended for the infant and up to 2 years of age with a patch measurement of 2-5/8” x 1-31/32” (67 x 50 mm). The Medium size is for ages 2 to 4 years with a patch measurement of 2-63/64” x 2-1/8” (76 x 54mm). The Regular size our largest patch for children older than 4 years with a patch measurement of 3-11/32" x 2-5/16” (85 x 59mm). The patch should cover the entire eye area, from above the brow and down onto the cheekbone. If the patch falls into the bony area of the eye itself, then a larger patch is needed.

How should the patch be put on my child’s face?

The adhesive patch should be angled so the more narrow part crosses the bridge of the nose and the wider part is on the cheekbone and the bony temple area. Make certain that it adheres well so that there are no “peek holes”.

Patching Tips

The Ortopad has a special “pressure sensitive, hot-melt” adhesive. This means that it requires body heat to activate the adhesive. Before applying the patch, clean and dry the face well, using a soap that is free of oils and lotions, as these will interfere with the patch’s ability to stick. Once the patch is applied to the skin, gently press over the adhesive to bring it “up to body temperature”, paying special attention to the area where it crosses the nose. For easy removal, cooling the area where the adhesive is on the patch will decrease the temperature and make for an easier removal. For shorter patching schedules and you find that the patch is difficult to remove, you may want to apply the patch to the back of the hand first, prior to applying on the eye. This will remove some of the adhesive, making removal easier for a shorter patching period.

Why does my child need such a large patch?

There are several reasons why a patch that covers the entire eye area are necessary: It keeps the adhesive out of the eyebrow area so that removal of the patch is painless. It is more comfortable, as the patch is further away from the eye allowing the child to open the eye. Most importantly, since the eye can be opened, a properly sized patch has a properly sized padded inlay that will provide maximal protection from light.

How are Ortopad patches supplied?

Ortopads are supplied in boxes of 50 patches, with 10 patches of 5 pre-selected designs. Ortopad Pick a Patch are 10 patches per bag and have quite an array of designs to choose from. Check out all the designs in our Patches & Accessories section.


Ortopad orders are normally shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order. To get an order out the same day, orders must be received before noon, MST. Ortopads are shipped from our distribution center in Tucson, Arizona. Free shipping is processed by United States Postal Service, first class mail. Please allow 3-5 days for shipping from Arizona to East coast, and to Midwest and West coast allow 2-4 days. In the event, your order takes longer, refer to your order history for your tracking number, which can be tracked at You can also call your local post office that delivers your mail and they might have some additional information about your package.

How Can I View Past Orders?

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