Fun Pack, Beige & White

Unleash 'eye-popping' style on your little one's patching routine with Ortopad® Orthoptic Eye Patches! Treating amblyopia has never been so easy - or fun! Crafted from a soft, natural bamboo material, Ortopad® eye patches are latex-free and hypo-allergenic making them gentle enough even for sensitive skin. The unique hotmelt adhesive is made to be removed painlessly without leaving any residue, providing a secure and comfortable fit. Choose from designs, white or beige patches in three sizes - Junior (for kids up to 2), Medium (for kids 2-4) and Regular (for kids over 4). Each box of designed patches contains 5 fun designs with 50 individually wrapped patches, and white and beige patches contain colored and uncolored stickers to decorate the patch with. Patching has never looked better!

Ortopad® eye patches are manufactured in Italy.  For more information on the material and adhesive, click here.

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